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Thank you very much for the research you have done on scripture and taking the time to post it on the Internet. At age 15 I accepted Christ as my savior but as an adult I am so afraid of dying. The scriptures you shared defining God's clarity concerning the security of our future with Him has given me comfort and clearer understanding. Debbie

Your site is a breath of fresh air.
Maxine R.

Wow, someone who finally thinks the same way I and a "few" of my friends do about forgiveness of sins. I didn't think anyone else saw what I saw in 1 John. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Hello, I came across your web site the other day, and it brought me encouragement when you said it took you about a year to accept total forgiveness. The same with me. I always wondered why we had to confess our sins to get more forgiveness and what happened if you forgot to confess something...yikes. It finally hit me last year or so - duh - total forgiveness is total.  How many times can you be forgiven of all sins? However, I thought for a long time that I must be wrong about my new thoughts on 1 John 1:9 because that's all I ever heard from everyone. Other Christians thought I was a heretic, but I could not help but share the freedom and complete forgiveness we have in Christ. Anyhow, since last year or so I have discovered that there are millions of like-minded believers throughout the world, so I don't feel all alone anymore. Thanks.

Dear John, I read with interest your writing on the above verse and would like to share it with other Christians.
Vincent N.

Hey Brother ... Great web site!  As soon as I started reading on your site I said "Praise God!"  Glad to see that there are some people out there that have come to an understanding of the completed work of the cross...keep proclaiming the Truth.
Mike L., Baton Rouge, LA

The majority of churches teach you're perfect positionally, but we need to ask forgiveness for the sins we commit. This has been an extremely confusing topic for me and because of a very insecure background, I am always wondering if God is distant from me, because I do not feel total confidence toward Him.

I liked what you had to say on your web site. 
John M.

John, So good to see your website!!...Keep sharing the truth my man.  Just wanted to drop you a line of encouragement.  Dan C.

I'm learning more and more about God's grace and love. Your site is great... 
Doug, Canada

I liked your article.  I am wondering if you are a pastor, or just a brother in Christ. 
Joel B.
NOTE: Since this question has been asked on several occasions, allow me to take a moment to note that I am a teaching Elder at an EFCA church.  I have been a Christian since 1974, and I first began teaching in 1989.

Calvary Bible Church
An Evangelical Free church an hour south of Chicago in the Kankakee area.  A wonderful church dedicated to making disciples for the glory of the Lord.  Pastored by Joel Giles.

Ligonier Ministries with R.C. Sproul
Dr. Sproul is one of the greatest theologians of our day.  His teachings on God's sovereignty, election and the character of God are incredible.  If you want some real meat, check out the radio programs on Real Audio.

Grace to You Ministries with John MacArthur
In his well-known direct manner, John MacArthur pulls no punches when it comes to defending the Gospel.  A must for anyone desiring to deepen their Biblical understanding.

People to People Ministries with Bob George
The teaching of Bob George helped me more than anything else understand the truth of the sufficiency of the Cross.  His study guides are great for your personal and group Bible study.

Papa John's Pizza #1117
Online ordering, coupons and more for the pizza made with better ingredients in Kankakee County.

Holiday Inn Express
Hotel accommodations in the Kankakee, Bourbonnais, Bradley area offering meeting and banquet facilities, group rates, packages and special local events.

Shine 89.7
Chicago's Christian Variety.  Contemporary Christian radio station based out of Bourbonnais, Illinois.

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