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Q: Did Jesus really die for all my sins?

Q: What's the difference between confessing and asking forgiveness?

Q: Does the Bible really teach for us to keep "short accounts" with God?

Q: If I forget about a particular sin and I forget to confess it, how can God forgive me of that sin?

Q: How can I know for certain that I have truly been forgiven of my sin?

Q: What does it mean for me to be out of fellowship with God?

Q: What happens to a "backslidden" Christian if he/she dies?

Forgiveness.  It's key to our Christian faith.  Without it, we have no hope for our salvation.

In Christian circles today we are taught that we are sinners (Romans 3:23) in need of a Savior (Luke 19:10).  We learn that Jesus Christ is the way to God and eternal life with Him (John 14:6).  We believe and are saved.

Then what?

For most of us the Christian life is then the beginning of a roller-coaster ride through life.  We are excited at first.  Each day we read and try to understand our Bible, we pray, and we do our best to "be good" for God.  Why?  Because we are taught that we are supposed to.  That's what Christians do - keep a list of things that we do and another list of what we don't do.  We are told that if you make sure you are doing what you should (and not doing what you shouldn't), then God will bless you!  Things are so wonderful and we are so thankful when life is good, and we thank God for these blessings.  We work even harder to make Him even happier with us so we'll get those better blessings.

Then, it happens.   That bad day (Monday) finally comes.  Things aren't the same.  In fact, they stink.  The rest of the week isn't any better.  What's wrong?  Of course!  God is mad!  That's what happens when you miss a devotional!  And what about when you drove 5 miles over the speed limit this morning?  Soon, you begin to think of all these sins for which you better ask forgiveness.

You ask forgiveness, and now you feel better.  That lasts about 3 minutes.  Then you have that lustful thought.   Oh, no!  You better get that forgiven before the next plague hits!  And on and on it goes for days, months, and years.

Sound familiar?  That's why this page exists.

This pretty much explained my life.  I was saved as a youth after watching "A Thief in the Night" at my church.  I was scared to death!  I wanted to do anything I could to keep from dying and going to hell or from being left behind and having those Tribulation Zombies come after me!  Yep, I got me some fire insurance!

The next several years on into adulthood were a series of peaks and valleys - revivals and backsliddeness.  I was continually taught to focus on myself: Do good things (pray, read my Bible daily, witness) and I'd stay "in God's good graces."  Do something bad, though, and God took his grace away and left me in the dark.  It was up to me to keep God happy with me.  It was up to me to get in sackcloth and ashes, grovel, and beg to convince Him to forgive me again and take me back.  Yes, my Christian life was only as good as I could make it.  And, boy, was that just one continual frustration after another.

It wasn't until I was nearly 30 years old that a friend shared "the secret" of the good news and helped me understand the finished work of Christ.

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